Hello! My name is Mrs. Psyhogios.
Welcome to my world! My world is made of people who will become tomorrow’s generation. These people are only little today however will grow to inspire, influence, motivate and encourage their generation. As adults in their life we need to be their role models. We need to be the examples of inspiration, influence, motivation and encouragement.

Being responsible for the important role I play in their lives, I often find myself reviewing what it is I need to to do to prepare these little people for tomorrow. Yes..teaching the ABC’s and 123’s is important however what I believe to be equally important is teaching strategies and giving guidance to help them cope with life.
Today the pace is so fast and society is forever changing. We need to guide them to make appropriate choices to live in harmony, respect and love for each other.

The internet is an amazing means of communication whereby a worldwide audience can connect and communicate thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences. Blogging also allows for thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences and sharing of information, to be shared with society, especially parents and family.

Blogging opens up the possibilities of an audience in new ways. When students share their learning for an audience other than the teacher, it impacts how students view what they are doing. It motivates them to share their learning to an authentic audience. The blog opens up a whole new world of people who can offer encouragement and feedback.

Just imagine where we can go……..
So much more to come……..

Keep in touch


God’s Great Family

We have been reading about Abraham and Sarah. We have been learning about promises and how important it is to keep to our word. People believe what is spoken and when we say that we will do something it is important to follow it through. So when God asked Abraham and Sarah to move to a far away land, He promised to always be with them. They trusted God and Yes, He had been with them all the time in every place. Then He said they would become parents of a great family. They would have more children than the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the beach.Well that too came true as God kept His promise, and today we belong to a great family of love!

The Preps chose a scene from the story to share…..



JM, AP, When God gives Abraham children


BF-S, HS, When Abraham and Sarah had lots of children


MB, CB, Before Abraham and Sarah travelled.


JH, AH, Those are God’s friends praying for Him. Isaac and Rebekah married.


Abraham and Sarah had a baby.


AK, MJ, Abraham and Sarah -their children had children and their children had children..


AB, EVS, “I will always be with you on your journey. I promise that you will have more children than the stars in the sky and grains on the sand” and Abraham and Sarah had their children.


MC, CM, God said to Abraham and Sarah that they would have more children than the stars in the sky and grains in the sand.


RW, MB, God tells Abraham that he will have more children than the stars in the sky …


Abraham and Sarah they had children and more children and more children…


Abraham and Sarah meet each other and have children. God is telling them they will have children like many stars in the sky.

God is telling them , “You will have many children like the grains in the sand.”

And so the story goes…..

Stay tuned…

Mini Olympics 2016

What an amazing day we all experienced as we competed in our very own mini Olympics. We participated in various events to win points for our teams. All students should be commended on their sportsmanship and enthusiasm to join in and to have fun. We reflected on our Inquiry learning and when the students were asked, “What have you learned about the Olympics?” this is what they shared….

M. L. it helps you get strong and you can believe in yourself

M. C.  it doesn’t matter if you get gold, silver or bronze just as long as you have fun!

J. H. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it only matters if you have fun and enjoy the mini olympics

B.C. I learnt to line up and wait for my turn

M.J. I learnt that it doesn’t matter if you lose because it’s just the mini olympics

S.M. it doesn’t matter if you come last or second

C. B. it doesn’t matter if you lose or win, it’s just a game

A.K. you should have a go because even if you don’t win a medal you should still be happy

A. B. When you’re having fun you should always play fairly

E. V. it doesn’t matter if you come first or not it’s about having fun

B.F. it doesn’t matter if you trip over just get up, if it’s a race

J.M. it doesn’t matter if you come last you still participate in the race

M.B. it doesn’t matter if you’re coming second or seond last you can still be happy

C.M. it doesn’t matter if you win or lose its just a game

J.M. it doesn’t matter if you have a gold medal or bronze medal or a silver medal. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose…

V.P. it doesn’t matter if you lose this year you can always try next year

H.B. it doesn’t matter if you trip over something when you’re doing a hula hoop and ladder race

A.P.  it doesnt matter if you win or not. It doesnt if you win a gold, silver or bronze you can try again next week

Watch and enjoy…… we did!



The Finale to our Inquiry learning for Term 3…

Well what an amzing learning journey we have experienced in Term 3..!

Our focus included the Olympics and Technology and Design. We began the term very excited and patriotic as we barracked for the Australian teams at the Olympic Games in Rio. From this, we studied and tried to understand what the athlete’s oath all meant. We learned about their motto and how it would motivate them.

We then moved to our own Olympic Focus where we chose a country for an athlete. This athlete was our very own bear which we brought to life from our Build a Bear excursion! We chose an event for our bear. We designed and labelled the equipment for their event. We thought about the materials and tools needed for this design. We designed and labelled a uniform and a medal.

We thought deeply about a motto for ourselves. We thought about words which best described “me”; students chose very special words to describe who they were……..

An awesome effort from the Prep students.

Well done Preps…….


The experience continues…

Ok… so the next stage of our learning was to design a uniform for our athletes. Thank you to our parent and grandparent helpers who came along to help cut, sew and decorate our bear’s uniform. The students were “supporting” the parent helpers to cut the fabric. They watched how it was sewn so competantly and then they chose where to glue the decorations on their bear’s t-shirt. The photo shows just how creative the students were… Stay tuned for the making of their athlete’s Olympic sporting event.


IMG_0596     IMG_0600




Inquiry Term 3

In Inquiry this term we have been focussing on The Olympics through Technology and Design. It has proven to be a very exciting and worthwhile learning journey.

We  reached the learning stage where we chose an Olympic event to study. We looked at the design and purpose of the event. We thought we would need our very own Olympic athlete to compete in this event. After much thought (not that much thought really..!) we chose to visit the Build A Bear Workshop in Chadstone to bring home our very own athlete…..

Our visit consisted of choosing a bear, filling it with love and bringing it home. We even played games whilst we waited to fill these bears with love…this excursion was awesome!

Sincere thanks to the girls at Build A Bear Workshop in Chaddy who welcomed us and were so patient to help us bring our bears home.

Pics of our experience…






Stay tuned for more learning….

Thank you Amanda

We had a very special visitor in class today. Amanda came to speak to us about her experiences as a Paralympian. Amanda represented Australia in basketball many times. She showed us her medals and allowed us to wear them, hold them and feel how heavy they really were…..

She spoke about her experiences in the Olympic Villages and how the athletes lived together and played their sport together. She shared her challenges, her happy times and even her sad times.

The students asked Amanda so many questions as they were intrigued with her stories. Their questions were thought provoking and some were funny. Amanda answered all questions and the students were well informed regarding the life and experiences of a Paralympian.

We say “Thank you” to Amanda for sharing her stories with us.