Hello! My name is Mrs. Psyhogios.
Welcome to my world! My world is made of people who will become tomorrow’s generation. These people are only little today however will grow to inspire, influence, motivate and encourage their generation. As adults in their life we need to be their role models. We need to be the examples of inspiration, influence, motivation and encouragement.

Being responsible for the important role I play in their lives, I often find myself reviewing what it is I need to to do to prepare these little people for tomorrow. Yes..teaching the ABC’s and 123’s is important however what I believe to be equally important is teaching strategies and giving guidance to help them cope with life.
Today the pace is so fast and society is forever changing. We need to guide them to make appropriate choices to live in harmony, respect and love for each other.

The internet is an amazing means of communication whereby a worldwide audience can connect and communicate thoughts, ideas, opinions and experiences. Blogging also allows for thoughts, ideas, opinions, experiences and sharing of information, to be shared with society, especially parents and family.

Blogging opens up the possibilities of an audience in new ways. When students share their learning for an audience other than the teacher, it impacts how students view what they are doing. It motivates them to share their learning to an authentic audience. The blog opens up a whole new world of people who can offer encouragement and feedback.

Just imagine where we can go……..
So much more to come……..

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4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hi Mrs P. and Prep P
    We are very excited to view the preps world via this blog! We can’t wait to see what amazing and creative things our preps are doing this year.
    From Helen and Robert (Bianca’s parents)

  2. Hi Prep P,
    What a great start you have made at school. Thank you for all your hard work learning the songs and dances for the concert. You are amazing. Remember……..Shakespeare ROCKS!

    • Thank you so much lb. We love reading encouraging words. We are really enjoying the songs and dances and are very excited about performing……………..

  3. Hi Prep P, It looks like you have done lots of work this year.
    I can’t believe its nearly you 100th day What are you doing for the special day???

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