The Finale to our Inquiry learning for Term 3…

Well what an amzing learning journey we have experienced in Term 3..!

Our focus included the Olympics and Technology and Design. We began the term very excited and patriotic as we barracked for the Australian teams at the Olympic Games in Rio. From this, we studied and tried to understand what the athlete’s oath all meant. We learned about their motto and how it would motivate them.

We then moved to our own Olympic Focus where we chose a country for an athlete. This athlete was our very own bear which we brought to life from our Build a Bear excursion! We chose an event for our bear. We designed and labelled the equipment for their event. We thought about the materials and tools needed for this design. We designed and labelled a uniform and a medal.

We thought deeply about a motto for ourselves. We thought about words which best described “me”; students chose very special words to describe who they were……..

An awesome effort from the Prep students.

Well done Preps…….


One thought on “The Finale to our Inquiry learning for Term 3…

  1. I Love your BEARS Preps and how they have helped your learning.
    It was so wonderful to come in yesterday and meet all of your bears.
    It was lovely to see their carefully designed costumes and equipment. What great athletes they all must be.
    Congratulations on a BUSY term full of great learning.
    Enjoy your Holiday break!
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

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