The Pattern Challenge

Hi Guys,

This is what we thought…


Here are some patterns we made for your challenge…

img_0385 img_0386

img_0387 img_0388

img_0389 img_0397



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2 thoughts on “The Pattern Challenge

  1. Hello Preps from OLGC,
    Thank you for putting letting us look at your blog. Thank you for letting us look at your wonderful patterns. We think they are colourful and pretty! We loved them and all the colour you put into them. Here are our answers… we hope we are correct!
    Photo 1:
    The blue and white unifix pattern is a decreasing pattern (all of Prep C)

    Photo 2:
    The orange and yellow unifiix is an AB pattern (from Will)

    The red and yellow is a growing pattern (from Finn and Louisa)

    Photo 3:
    The red is A, the green is B and the white is C (from Samara)

    We will leave the rest of your patterns for Prep E and Prep LA to solve!
    From Prep C

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