God’s Great Family

We have been reading about Abraham and Sarah. We have been learning about promises and how important it is to keep to our word. People believe what is spoken and when we say that we will do something it is important to follow it through. So when God asked Abraham and Sarah to move to a far away land, He promised to always be with them. They trusted God and Yes, He had been with them all the time in every place. Then He said they would become parents of a great family. They would have more children than the stars in the sky and the grains of sand on the beach.Well that too came true as God kept His promise, and today we belong to a great family of love!

The Preps chose a scene from the story to share…..



JM, AP, When God gives Abraham children


BF-S, HS, When Abraham and Sarah had lots of children


MB, CB, Before Abraham and Sarah travelled.


JH, AH, Those are God’s friends praying for Him. Isaac and Rebekah married.


Abraham and Sarah had a baby.


AK, MJ, Abraham and Sarah -their children had children and their children had children..


AB, EVS, “I will always be with you on your journey. I promise that you will have more children than the stars in the sky and grains on the sand” and Abraham and Sarah had their children.


MC, CM, God said to Abraham and Sarah that they would have more children than the stars in the sky and grains in the sand.


RW, MB, God tells Abraham that he will have more children than the stars in the sky …


Abraham and Sarah they had children and more children and more children…


Abraham and Sarah meet each other and have children. God is telling them they will have children like many stars in the sky.

God is telling them , “You will have many children like the grains in the sand.”

And so the story goes…..

Stay tuned…

One thought on “God’s Great Family

  1. Great work Prep P.
    That is a lovely story and a very good reminder to trust in God and stay true to our promises.
    What a wonderful big family Abraham and Sarah had.
    Do you see any similarities between your family and Abraham’s family?
    Thanks for sharing your images on the blog too!
    Mrs Gridley 🙂

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